Lea Heranadez is an acclaimed comic creator with a long, distinguished career. Besides tackling every aspect of the business, including pioneering work in the emerging technology of web comics, she is the creator of "Texas Steampunk" graphic novels Cathedral Child, Clockwork Angels and Ironclad Petal, the author of Manga Secrets and the creator of the groundbreaking American manga, Rumble Girls. Lea was also a friend of Dave Stevens. In seeking to honor his family's wishes for donations to be sent to The Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation, she has discovered a way to use her talents to possibly help save others.

If you email Lea a receipt for a donation to The Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation, in the amout of $10 or more, she will draw you in as an "extra" in her new work, Rumble Girls RLO.

Unfamiliar with Rumble Girls? Here's a review of the first collection, Rumble Girls: Silky Warrior Tansie:

"Lea Hernandez has mixed a prep school soap opera with fighting girl manga and forward-looking science fiction to skewer popular culture and media manipulation. There are more ideas here than most comics, and they're incorporated into the story, even tossed away. Other concept-driven books make a big deal out of their 'mad ideas', trotting them out and asking us to admire their display. This one uses them to build a world to support the story."

Finally, here are Lea's rememberences of Dave Stevens:

Part One

Part Two