Sailor Jerry

Check out INKED for a great Sailor Jerry article. (There's also an article on MySpace phenom METAL SANAZ.)

Rosario Dawson Love Bettie

In a recent interview with the NEW YORK TIMES, actress ROSARIO DAWSON mentions how she molded her character in QUENTIN TARANTINO'S "DEATH PROOF" to be an homage to BETTIE. Given Quentin's own homage in PULP FICTION, I always figured that was something he determined about the character, but, evidently not. Go Rosario!

NT TIMES:Growing up, did you watch a lot of movies?

ROSARIO DAWSON: Some. But when I was 16, I saw ‘‘Reservoir Dogs’’ over and over. I came home from school and watched it every day — five times in one week. Everything about that movie was remarkable to me. It was inspiring. Three years ago, I got to work with Quentin [Tarantino, who wrote and directed ‘‘Reservoir Dogs’’] on ‘‘Death Proof.’’ I had to audition three times for him — I sold myself so hard and he finally gave me the part. I cut my bangs really short for that movie. It was my homage to Bettie Page. I wanted to dye my hair a cranberry color, but homage to Bettie Page. I wanted to dye my hair a cranberry color, but Quentin drew the line there.


Sick of Memorial Posts

I'm sure everyone knows about Ron Ashton of THE STOOGES and Lux Interior of THE CRAMPS passing away, but I missed the news about Andy DeMize, drummer of NEKROMANTIX and THE ROCKETZ, both frickin' amazing bands. He was only 25 years old and died in a car accident, making it all the more tragic. Read more, courtesy of the OC REGISTER.

I suppose it's par for the course... when the musicians and other artists that inspire and thrill you are all did their signature works forty, fifty, sixty years ago, the loss of those groundbreakers and trendsetters will occur more and more frequently. The "Million Dollar Quartet" is down to one living member... and, frighteningly, so are the Ramones. Punk and the "new wave of rockabilly" is now forty years in the past. Hell, even the 90's swing and ska revivals are fifteen years ago. It's important to remember those that did, saw, conquered and then moved on, but, Lord, do they all have to happen in the same few weeks?

And, even given all of this, memorializing someone YOUNGER than you is just depressing.

Okay, slight soapbox time... Our new Prez is going to try to tackle health care reform. People will hew and cry about socializing medicine and how it's the death of America. I'd like to point out that for a normal, working, touring musician without a day job, getting health care is expensive-to-impossible. Add the generally unhealthy lifestyles... travel, sleep cycles always whacked out, bad road food, performing in smokey rooms in areas that don't have a smoking ban (not including the propensity for drug and alcohol abuse, as that's self-inflicted)... it's no wonder we're losing our greatest cultural icons decades younger than we lose the average accountant or, say, Senator (who always manage to bitch about others getting what they give themselves). As we hear about health care reform, I'm gonna see if it makes it easier for the average gigging punk rocker to get a check-up and maybe play for a decade or two longer than they otherwise could.

Tiki Mug Mania!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Been reworking some things behind the scenes, hoping to streamline and prettify the blog.

I couldn't not mention this fairly amazing lookin' book, which I have yet to read...

Tiki Mugs; Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop by Jay Strongman, forward by
Holden Westland of Tiki Farm

Join us at La Luz de Jesus for the much anticipated release and signing party for “Tiki Mugs; Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop.” Author Jay Strongman, Tiki Farm’s Holden Westland and many mug artists will be on hand to sign the book. Tiki Farm will be unveiling some new limited edition Tiki mugs and we'll be serving up scrumptious Mai – Tais.

Tiki style is more popular than ever, and there are more collectors than ever peering out from the torches and palm trees. Dive head first, shrunken or otherwise, into a Polynesian Pop world of incredible ceramics, from vintage mid-century modern designs, to the collector mugs of today. The book features all the major manufacturers – Tiki Farm, Munktiki, Porcelanas Pav√≥n, Gecko’z South Sea Arts and more along with the top artists including Shag, Bosko, Crazy Al, Ocea Otica, Squid and Tiki Diablo. Written by Tiki historian and renowned DJ Jay Strongman, this resource highlights the history of the Tiki mug from its original heyday in the 1950’s to today. An essential purchase for specialists, the photos and descriptions of styles such as the Frankentiki and the Monkey Mugstack will provide brilliant inspiration for those new to collecting.

Tiki Farm is the world's largest manufacturer of Tiki mugs and has reinvigorated the mug scene both with their retail line and the revitalization of custom mugs for bars & restaurants across the globe which all but disappeared back in the 1970's. Holden Westland, Tiki Farm owner & founder is widely known in the Tiki community as 'the hardest working man in Tiki" and is credited by most as being the driving force behind the resurgent Tiki mug scene. Since their inception in 2000, Tiki Farm is fast approaching a total of 1,000 different, unique designs produced to-date and sales in excess of 1,000,000 mugs.

“Tiki Mugs; Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop” by Jay Strongman, forward by Holden Westland, published by Korero, www.korerobooks.com, hard cover, 176 pages, ISBN 9780955339813, $34.95

For So Cal folks, go to the following event...

Saturday, March 7, 2009 6 pm - 9 pm
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
323-666-7667 Fax: 323-663-0243