Halloween Tunes!

I was trying to find Baron Shiver's KLXU's DJ gig, but couldn't find it podcast anywhere! (what is this -- 2006??) Luckily, I happened on the BURRITO ELECTRICO Halloween podcast, which is a solid, fuzzed-out, pseudo-Misfits-heavy slab o' Horror rock.

play list:

HellCat and the Prowl - Halloween

Graveyard Shift - Coffin Cadillac

Rezurex - Graveyard Girl

The Van Orsdels - Shallow grave

Back to Zero - Demon Girl

The After Darks - RedNeck Zombie

BlitzKid - Making a Monster

Misfits - Night of the Living Dead

The Monster Club - Boris Bella & I

GraveStompers - Halloween in HaddonField

Evil Devil - Highway 666

As DiaBatz - Witches Stomp

Calabrese - Childern of the night

The SpookShow - Carry me Home

The Coffin Caddies - Zombiemania

The Undead - Be My Ghoul

The Flanders - Halloween

Misfits - Halloween II

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!

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The bulk of Buddy Miller’s songs, at first blush, seem to consist of romantic ballads offered with tasteful, understated arrangements. On a few cuts, the production seems bent on putting a country radio ballad sheen on singer-songwriter confessionals. One could think that this is a collection designed to have you crying in your Starbucks latte. However, if you lay back and let this group of songs, THE BEST OF THE HIGHTONE YEARS, reflecting his output from 1995-2002, wash over you, a hard-edged poetry emerges, the kind of surprising twists of narrative and unexpected depths earned by a clever turn-of-phrase that elevates this material. Imagine taking the emotive power of Lefty Frizzell and combining it with the low-key intelligence of Leonard Cohen, you’ll likely picture songs that strive to offer something beyond country professionalism.

His wife, Julie Miller, elevates every track on which she appears, dueting with her guitar-slinger husband on four tracks and offering tight harmonies on others.

Standouts include slow burn thumpers like DOES MY RING BURN YOUR FINGER and LITTLE DARLIN’ -- and his take on the hit he wrote for the Dixie Chicks, HOLE IN MY HEAD, smokes their more popular version.

With unrepentant zeal, Producer/Director Chuck Williams, Producer/Director/Host Daniel Roebuck and Associate Producer/Co-Host Bob Burns delve into the history and fandom of Halloween. While it won’t win any Oscars for cinematography, the documentary has the professional sheen of a television production. But where this DVD blows any “Halloween retrospective” Discovery Channel doc away is in the carefully cultivated content, which manages to be both fannish in its appreciation for monsters and Halloween displays and gratifyingly sociological in examining the origins and motivations for the public’s love of the holiday.

If you’re young enough to think that Rob Zombie invented his persona out of whole cloth or you are someone who simply has a stack of old FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazines or 70’s Universal Monsters models gathering dust in a closet, you NEED this documentary. It is an education, a celebration and an affirmation for all those who know that SCARY and FUN are not mutually exclusive.

ROBERT ENGLUND and ALICE COOPER add some superstar sizzle, managing to show that the “pros” got that way by being the biggest fans. They’re both in touch with their inner Trick-or-Treater, even after it’s become a “business”.

It’s off the beaten track, however, where the real fun is had… meeting the artisans who lovingly craft vinyl masks, special effects wizards who put just as much effort into their neighborhood haunted house as they do a multi-million dollar production and the fans who are so eager to be at the mad monster party that they build exotic and ornate museums for their collectibles or even devote their lives to building replicas of their favorite creatures.

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