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Bettie Makes the Papers

Roller Derby Queens Love Bettie:

Most players doll up to resemble '50s pinup queen Bettie Page -- only with tattoos, fish-net stockings, hot pants and body piercings.

And the sexy pseudonyms abound: Betty Knock-her, Surely MacPain, Nauti-Sea-Cups and Filthy Scar-Lit are just some of the Broward Derby Grrls skate de plumes.

''The only thing that is fake are our names,'' said Brenda Bach, 43, a sign language interpreter from Plantation who hits the derby track as Sin D. Lap-Her.

''We play a real game of roller derby, not the staged fights of the 1970s, and when it is played real, it is rough enough,'' Bach said.

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And El Paso Rockabillies, too!

Rockabilly's more than music. It's turning a wrench on an old chunk of Detroit steel, preferably Mopar, but definitely your own or your buddy's. It's rolling up a pack of Pall Malls in the sleeve of your too tight t-shirt. It's four inch folded cuffs on brand new blue jeans. It's wearing bangs, like Betty Page, and smacking bubble gum. It's the fifties, and Elvis, and Jerry Lee, and the sixties, before the Beatles and Timothy Leary. It's big blocks and hot rods and honest grease under your fingernails. It's leather jackets and tattoos. It's Grease, and West Side Story, and Rebel Without a Cause.

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He was the affable "Tennessee Plowboy" who brought elegance, sophistication and millions of fans to country music. Eddy Arnold, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, died around 4:40 a.m. today at NHC Place in Cool Springs at the age of 89.

Mr. Arnold's contributions to the history of American popular music are manifold, and integral. He sold more than 85 million records, with 37 singles charting on the pop charts and many more impacting the country charts. He ranks as Billboard magazine's single most popular country artist of all time. He was a star of stage and screen, and he was also a public face of Nashville music for decades.

Hits such as "Make The World Go Away," "I Want To Go With You," "Turn The World Around," "I Really Don't Want To Know" and "You Don't Know Me" charmed a nation and moved country toward the popular mainstream.

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Unknown Hinson

Friend o' the Bettie Page Blog, Unknown Hinson, the king of country western troubadours, had a nice article in the DALLAS OBSERVER today.

Vampirism, hard time, booze and stress relief through random gunfire: Unknown Hinson is the most rock 'n' roll cat to ever dismiss the genre as something "a damn 15-year-old punk can do."

But thanks to his darkly funny, politically incorrect songs and blazing rockabilly riffs, Hinson is gaining popularity with the very rockers he despises.


Sample his music on his MySpace page!


Happy Cinco De Mayo!