Looking for an authentic blast of righteous Rockabilly? Get ready for THE SHAKEOUT! San Diego-based BOP-N-STOMP RECORDS’ generous sampler gamely scratches the itch for no-nonsense, high-octane thump and twang. It’s hard to beat the original architects of the rockabilly sound… from Sun Studios slapback, the innovative fretwork, characterized by the fluid shifts from Merle Travis-inspired country fingerpicking to badass blues bends, or the then-shocking mix of black and white vocal styles. Demonized by the media, co-opted by Hollywood and eventually put out to pasture by the British Invasion, the initial burst of Rockabilly’s popularity was all too short. For those of us who’ve listened to Rockabilly for years, those classic tracks have worn grooves on our brain as deep as on any vinyl. Every subsequent revival, for good or ill, has added ingredients to the original primordial ooze of Rockabilly – either sonically or through the incorporation of outside influences, such as punk or metal.

The genius of THE SHAKEOUT! is the way these bands keep true to the spirit of the 50’s, giving the collection the vibe of a “lost” mixtape from some undiscovered vintage label. The offerings are as varied as an clutch of singles from Sun or Ace. Some are spirited testaments to the power of rockin’, while others take more of a stroll down a country lane. What remains consistent is the warmth of the recordings, the tasteful playing (interesting enough to keep your foot tapping, but not showy) and the spot-on songwriting, covering the basics of love gone wrong, love gone right, the freedom and power of rock and, of course, odes to cars.

THE SHAKEOUT! is the remedy for anyone hungry for fresh, “classic” Rockabilly!