Carlene Carter On Mountain Stage

Carlene Carter sings the song her mamma, June, wrote and her step-daddy, Johnny, made famous (thanks to a dream in which he heard "Mexican trumpets" and, upon waking, told his producer, Jack Clement, to work up an arrangement).

Listen to Carlene Carter On Mountain Stage, courtesy of NPR.

Set List:
"The Bitter End"
"Bring Love"
"Me and the Wildwood Rose"
"Ring of Fire"

Buttressing "Ring of Fire" are new originals from Carlene's fresh record. The album reflects the "quadruple loss" Carlene recently weathered...

In February 2003, Carlene's long-time partner Howie Epstein died. In May of that same year she lost her mother, June Carter Cash. Stepfather Johnny Cash died that September. Her little sister Rosey passed away in October.

Stronger [is] album that explores the power of love to hurt, to bring laughter, to change the heart and, most of all, to heal. "Just bring love, that's all you're gonna need," a redeemed Carlene sings in [key track] "Bring Love."

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