Bettie Page Critical After Heart Attack

Pop Icon Pin-Up Bettie Page Critical After Heart Attack

Associated Press

December 5, 2008

LOS ANGELES - Bettie Page, one of the most notable models of the 20th century, is hospitalized in intensive care after suffering a heart attack in Los Angeles.

Mark Roesler, Page's agent and attorney, says the 85-year-old is "critically ill."

He says she suffered a heart attack Tuesday and remains hospitalized.

He would not comment further on her condition.

*Sorry, we don't know any more than the press does!*


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and Prayers are with you! Wishing a speedy recovery!

Karina Dale said...

I hope she recovers, she has much love from us to speed her healing.


Anonymous said...

Best to Betttie for her complete healing!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with Bettie! xxx

Hvacommander said...

My prayers go out to her and her family and staff

She's an amazing lady

Alan Perry Jr

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to leave my thoughts for Bettie Page. I wish her all the best.

sinfullyanon said...

Wishing all the best for a recovery..She's in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

This really saddens me. I hope she gets better. She's a wonderful person.

My thoughts and prayers are with her.

davelog said...

PLEASE get better, Bettie. The world can't stand to lose any more beauty.

Jeanne Davis said...

Bettie Page, you did more for the art of photography than any other model ever thought of, pin up or otherwise. There is no way not to see your influence as it is so interwoven in our culture. Please get well soon. And know that you are so loved and will always be remembered as long as there are photographic images & art. Jeanne

Gary said...

Come on Bettie! Healing thoughts are on their way from Canada.

Yssie said...

Love you Bettie,
Get better soon.


Busty Deelite said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Bettie for a speedy recovery, you have always been an inspiration to me

hugs Dee xx

Anonymous said...

Desde EspaƱa, nuestros mejores deseos de una pronta recuperaciĆ³n y de una vida larga y feliz.

Jasmin said...

I love you Bettie! Stay strong. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

SandraUve said...

From Barcelona (Spain)

Our best wishes to Bettie recovery.
Will be our muse forever!



Magpie said...

I heard the news this morning.

RIP Bettie. We will miss you terribly

what is pop said...

Page starred in a few mainstream movies in addition to her magazine work, didn't she?