Bettie Page Rests in a Better Place

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From the staff of the BETTIE PAGE BLOG, this is a sad day which we are choosing to use as a time to reflect why, 50 years after her height of activity as a model, we are still enthralled with Bettie's image. This blog began a few months ago, when Bettie's health was already in some decline. Knowing we may not be blessed with her presence much longer, we decided to focus the blog on the fans and the community, in hopes that when, inevitably, she left us, we would have created a space for fans of all stripes to come together and express how the force of her personality, speaking through these images, many shot by amateur photographers, has reached out across decades to affect the way we look at ourselves and our world. The world would be a different place if Bettie had never lived. Although she never was able to fully understand or appreciate her impact, it is clear to anyone who looks for it -- Bettie's legacy is profound, far-reaching and growing.

When a woman can reject society's view of beauty and, instead, discover and choose to celebrate her own, Bettie lives.

When mature adults can celebrate their sexuality with a sense of fun instead of fear and shame, Bettie lives.

When a person can feel that faith and self-expression aren't mutually exclusive, Bettie lives.

When an outsider of any description feels the power of their uniqueness instead of the pain of society's disdain, Bettie lives.

So, even on a day where we are saddened by Bettie's death, we want to encourage every one to comment on how Bettie lives on in you.


Hubert de Lartigue said...

Rest in peace, queen of pin-ups! A source of inspiration for ever.

Anonymous said...

You Tempted the Human Race, now it is time to Tempt the Angels. RIP Bettie.
Love and Miss you always,

Grant said...

From the very first time I ever saw a picture of Bettie I fell in love. To me she is the very essence of beauty and sexuality. She will live on forever in our hearts and minds forever. We love you Bettie.

Trevlin said...

Ow. I can't stand it. Wrote Mr. Roesler, her agent, with this message, which I hope isn't presumptuous from someone who knows neither of them:

"Thank you, Sir, for looking after the interests of Ms. Page in her later years. I'm sure we all wish we could have done it ourselves, but as you were the man for the job, I can only offer my gratitude, and my condolences for your having lost a partner and a friend.

When you say goodbye to her, please tell her that we love her as we always have, and that her physical shell, young or old, was never as important to us as the beautiful spirit that shone through her. My hope is that that spirit, now free in its eternal perfection, will look down into our hearts and see all the love we feel for her as a million-faced pin-up of the soul, a long-overdue gift from her fans to our one-and-only, the lovely Miss Bettie Page."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Bettie, sweetheart! I do remember you, I really do. Many years ago, I saw that super image of you on a windy day wearing that red blouse with the white polka dots. You looked like you were having such fun!

I'm not normally so sentimental, but I wish I had known you.

Whoever wrote,
"When an outsider of any description feels the power of their uniqueness instead of the pain of society's disdain, Bettie lives."
I thank them for it.


Eric Hatheway said...

Bettie Page was made for the camera. She set hearts on fire with that girl-next-door smile and her man-killing curves. Her images remain burned in our memories - wild and timid, bold and flirtatious, kinky and conventional, naughty and wholesome.

She chose to remain in our memories as she last appeared. She will always look like this to us. And that, my friend, is not a bad thing. We'll miss you Bettie...

Anonymous said...

Over the years Hollywood had emphasized so much on the "blonde bombshell" I am forever grateful to have known of a brunnette who with her mere presence captivated the hearts and imginations of all those who set eyes on her. You have been and always will be beautiful to us all Bettie, may you rest in peace.

bzak said...


Does anyone know if there will be a memorial service of some kind for her fans to gather at in the Los Angeles area?

Brian Riedel

Inkerbella said...

You will be missed so very much Bettie!
Your work was amazing!! You have inspired me so very much!

Thanks for paving the way for models like me!

You will never be forgotten and always be in our hearts!


Fran said...

When I read of Bettie's passing it really effected me. In the early 1950's Bettie and my husband Orie lived together in Miami Florida for about 2 years. My husband passed away 5 years ago and now that Bettie is gone it's like a link to him and his life is now missing.

Maybe they are together again.

Mrs Orie Wilson

Stasi said...

For nearly a decade I have been madly in love with bettie page.
I have always dreamed of looking like her, of walking down the street and accidentally meeting her (you know the odd accidental happenings that occur in movies). I searched high and low for 8 years to find THE perfect photo for my first big arm tattoo.
so thank you for inspiring me, thank you for inspiring the world, thank you for just being.

Simona said...
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b kennedy said...

I would love to see a movie made of her life. Kenley Collins of Project Runway has a very striking resemblance of her.