Dave Stevens Bettie Print

If you scroll back to the humble beginnings of this blog, you'll see it started near the time Dave Stevens died. For those who don't know, Dave was one of a handful of talented Bettie fans who helped engineer a personal and professional renaissance for Bettie. Creator of THE ROCKETEER, Dave uses Bettie as the model for his hero's girlfriend, and, as such, exposed a generation of fans to Bettie's appeal. More than any artist except Olivia, he had a clear understanding of the ingredients of Bettie's appeal... and had the skill to translate this appeal to paper.

Striken with leukemia (which affected his output) and taken from us far too soon, Dave doesn't have a voluminous legacy, but one of unparalleled quality.

Bud's Art Books, a real mecca for pin-up, fantasy art and thinking comics fans, has a limited-edition print, SIGNED AND NUMBERED by Dave Stevens on sale for just shy of $60.00.