Pin-Up Pulse


The NAKED FOLK CALENDAR (pictured above) helps pay for the health care of uninsured or underinsured folk musicians.

The GLAM BLOG has pictures of a great Brazilian retro-pin-up calendar, Contigo!

In the early 50’s famed artist George Petty drew and airbrushed the pin-up girls for Ridgid Tools popular calendars... PLANETZMAN has a gallery (the overall site seems neanderthal-ish, but the Petty pics are priceless.)

We have a crush on BOMBSHELL STAMPS, as they allow for some seriously sexy scrapbooking.

has deemed retro pin-ups "playful"... so I guess it's okay to like it now! (Let me know when it's not "trendy" and then I'll make sure to hate pin-ups and, in fact, deny ever having liked them!)

“My inspiration to create the Female Mechanics Calendars came from my experience working as a carpenter and as a motorcycle mechanic in shops where I often felt like an anomaly for being a woman. I feel that it is so important for people to see that there are women who actually work these jobs, and can thrive if given the opportunity to learn. I am continually inspired by the people I have met while creating this project.” ~ Sarah Lyon, creator of the Female Mechanics Calendars, which, true to its name, features verite shots of women automobile, motorcycle,
jet aircraft, bicycle, hot rod, race car, hybrid, and diesel mechanics
from around the country. (hat tip: Feminist Philosophers)


tommyzman said...

If you consider smoking cigars, drinking good whisky, looking at beautiful women, enjoying fast cars, eating great steaks,and watching a good ballgame, neanderthalish, then pass me my god damned cave man club.

What the hell is wrong with ANY of that?

Tommy Z.
Planet Zman