Sell the Junk... Save the Children

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It's TAP WEEK, when UNICEF tries to focus our attention on that stuff you mix with Scotch... well, it doesn't come outt a tap for everyone. (For the record, Bettie never drank, so please don't mix your water with Scotch... but we won't tell if you do ~ ed.) I know some folks think the UN are the sign of the End Times, but even if they're right, UNICEF is consistently rated as one of the most effective and efficient charities out there, helping kids in dire need both here in the US and abroad.

Reflecting the hard economic times, UNICEF is starting a new way to "donate" to the Tap Project fund... sell your crap on eBay! Click HERE to learn how you can empty your garage or that overstuffed closet and channel a PORTION of the proceeds that YOU determine to help SAVE KIDS LIVES. Pretty cool, huh?

If you have nothing to sell, check out what others have put up and BUY something.

Remember that Bettie Page was once so poor as a child, her mom put her in an orphanage for a few years until sewing and laundry work gave her mom enough money to feed Bettie... so, do it for her!

Pass this around the whole retro community... the more people who put cool stuff up (dresses, shoes, magazines, CDs, etc.), the more in our community will have to BUY!