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Natalie Minx
Natalie Minx

Natalie Minx

Caught up with fetish and burlesque star Natalie Minx, who was kind enough to remark on Bettie Page's influence as Bettie's birthday nears...
Bettie is a HUGE influence, but more on the fetish side than the pin-up side. She is the first REAL fetish model and because of her, women like myself are able to share our love for kink in a much more accepted fashion.
We couldn't agree more! Yes, Bettie's look has become "cute"... and many of the girls today who adopt it pull it off with aplomb... but the US Government didn't find her use of ball gags, leather, whips or rope "cute"... they threatened to throw folks like Irving Klaw and Paula Kramer (who took many of those pictures) in jail for the rest of their lives! Irving, in Bettie's opinion, died from the constant harassment.

Well, the government got their wish. Depictions of bondage don't have to go through the sacrosanct US MAIL anymore... you can see Bettie Page's legacy in bondage modeling right now by clicking over to...

. A word to the wise... although not hardcore, this is GRAPHIC MATERIAL, not suitable for anyone under 18.

More Natalie Minx can be found at...
www.natalieminx.com ...although this site is not being updated anymore.