Aly Fell:

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Aly Fell, a 3D animator, modeller and concept artist for Eurocom Entertainment Software in Derby, UK, is responsible for the above beautiful, classic pin-up, featuring Bettie as an alluring "Miss Muffet". Aly Fell explains what motivated his cool drawing:

A recent "Character of the Week" on Concept Art was Bettie Page, after she passed away. This was my entry portraying her as Little Miss Muffet. It... was very much a Gil Elvgrenisation of her. Hope it works a bit!

Most of my stuff is purely character work, and I enjoy drawing women, in traditional pin-up styles -- cheesy pics of girls in unlikely situations a la Gil Elvgren -- and in a more complex way.

For fun I like to visit places like Egypt with my girlfriend and hang around with people who wear too much black clothing and eyeliner. And I like to drive my hearse, when it's going...

Check out Aly's ONLINE GALLERY and his blog, PORT OUT, STARBOARD HOME. He's a regular at CG SOCIETY (which also features a gallery), CONCEPT ART and is a regular contributor to IMAGINE FX. Hopefully, he'll grace the Bettie Page Blog again in the future, as well!