Bettie Sets it to Stun

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i09 is a crazy popular blog, part of the blogging empire that includes Jezebel, Jalopnik, Gizmodo and other actually successful, well read blogs that, like, get comments and stuff. Anyway, Jesus Diaz, an employee of this bloggantuan group of sites, worked this up. So... enjoy, if that's your bag.

(by the way, I pulled this from their comments section, as no credit was given for the "ahem" inspiration for the work - no mention of Bunny Yeager and they called Bettie Page "Bette" -- TWICE, so it wasn't a typo! GRRRR. I saw this a while ago but these facts prevented me from posting it then... but I did bookmark it and I'm going through my bookmarks and, well, y'know...)

10:05 AM on Fri Mar 27 2009

A lot?
Sorry, that's a Betty [sic] Page Bunny Yeager photo badly photoshopped.

Betty [sic] should not be defiled.