Bettie Butcher

Bettie Butcher

Bettie Butcher

Glamorous alt model Bettie Butcher not only walks in Bettie Page's shoes... she walks with Bettie inked on her entire outer left thigh! This tat is no joke... but it is a sexy image fit for this vampy Aussie.

"She is from a comic book i found in my brother wardrobe - Steve Worons' "Betty Page the 50s Rage", issue #1a.

Got her in about 2004... the tattoo artist was Josh Charelton from Rudys Tattoo in Sandgate, Brisbane, Australia."

This "fun loving, friendly 25 year old gal from Brisbane" is an enthusiast of vintage fashion, corsetry, role playing, vehicle mechanics, reading, and is devoted to her cats.

Although she doesn't want to be locked into alt-modeling or pin-ups, she is serious about her body mods:

"I have streched ears, as well as a septum piercing"
...and at least ten major tattoos, which, in addition to Bettie Page, includes a cool red angel wings back piece, a panther on her upper arm, a geisha, a wicked chest piece and LIVE and LOVE on her knuckles.

See more of Bettie Butcher (and her Bettie Page tattoo) on MYSPACE and MODEL MAYHEM.

The comic that inspired the tattoo:

Steve Worons - Betty Page the 50s Rage (1a) comic book.

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Aly Fell said...

Sorry to contact you here, but thank you for visiting my blog, and I'd be very happy for you to post my Bettie image here! Great blog!