Pin-Up Roundup

Evidently SoCal Beaches Magazine likes girls in bikinis lounging near classic cars taking in the ocean breeze.

Soul Asylum guitarist Dan Murphy's passion for vintage girlie art has bloomed into a second career, as profiled in the MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL STAR TRIBUNE.

Photostream from the Tuscon Tattoo Expo pin-up contest on FLICKR.

Someone's DIGG list of contemporary pin-up art.

ACCESS HOLLYWOOD celebrated Easter by running down the most notable PLAYBOY BUNNIES and PLAYMATES of all time. And Jesus wept. Aw, what the heck... at least they had the good sense of including Bettie Page!

Little article about Viva Las Vegas from a slightly dismissive scene outsider.

TIME OUT NEW YORK article on THE NEW YORK PIN-UP PHOTOGRAPHY MEETUP GROUP. Sounds like fun - like a re-ignition of the camera clubs of yore that helped promulgate Bettie Page's popularity!

Automopedia has pin-ups, apropos of nothing, but we're not complaining.

Interview with Alicia Estrada, founder of STOP STARING, at LAist.

Shripmton Couture's "open letter to Dita", urging more vintage, less designer.


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