If you remember our exhaustive coverage of the Bettie Page Heaven Bound art show at the Worlds of Wonder Gallery on Hollywood Blvd., an interesting thing has happened to that space... it is now the new home of the Los Angeles location of the Bettie Page Clothing Store. Already a mecca in Vegas, the Bettie Page Clothing Store has been looking to expand to LaLa Land for some time. The owners went to the Heaven Bound show, hanging out with Mark Mori, Dita, Lenore, Olivia and other luminaries in the world of Bettie Page... and something must have clicked, because a few weeks later, a gala party launched the store on this fabled street! From the looks of it, many of Olivia''s "Heaven Bound" pieces are still on display (and likely for sale as well).

The fabulous rockabilly gal, Bernie Dexter, covered the amazing event in a post on 21st Century Pin-Ups. Read it!