Bettie's Better in Texas

Austin’s burlesque troupe The Jigglewatts are presenting The Bettie Page Tribute Night, hoping to emphasize Bettie's flirty nature. “There’s a lot of humor in it. There’s a lot of wink-and-a-smile," explains burlesque artist Miss Coco Lectric about the nature of The Jigglewatts' brand of tease. “It’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m about to take this off. You guys really want to see this? Are you sure?’” she tells the Houston Press.

Join the fun at Houston's Alamo West Oaks as Austin's The Jigglewatts shake and shimmy in tribute to the late great Bettie Page! The live burly-q is augmented by multimedia presentations from Bettie Page's film, Teaserama and featuring a special sneak preview of Bettie Page Reveals All, the forthcoming documentary produced and directed by Mark Mori!.

Tickets are only $12 in advance and available right here on our website!

Performers on hand to celebrate Bettie's enthusiastic embrace of real women and woman-positive portrayals of sexuality include:

  • Miss Coco Lectric
  • Ruby Joule
  • Goldie Candela
  • Pearl Lux
  • Grace Truvant

  • Ruby Rockit

  • Elisa

  • Ruby Lamb

  • Ginger Valentine
  • Maye Applebottom
  • and Mistress of Ceremonies...Cherry Zap
“[It’s] to show how much fun we’re having and to show that it’s fun being a woman. It’s fun to be sensual, it’s fun to be funny and cute…it’s fun to not be a size two,” says Letric.

The skinny on the shimmy:
Bettie Page Tribute Night with LIVE Burlesque!
Saturday, Jan 16th
Tickets: $12

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema/Alamo West Oaks
West Oaks Mall #429, Houston, TX 77082

General Info: 281-920-9211
Showtime info: 281-920-9268

(photo depicts Ms. Pearl Lux)

Click HERE for another video, like the one embedded above, capturing a previous performance.