These chicks are bangin'... on drums, cymbals and maybe even a cowbell. Thanks to a patented, completely unique process, a new company, Pinup Sticks is putting the best cheesecake artwork on professional-quality drumsticks... for sexy drummers everywhere.

Before you leave the Con, stop by...

Booth #5358 - Ozone Productions, AKA Olivia De Berardinis'' booth. We already told you about the new killer T-shirts, but she also has PREMEIRE drumsticks from Pinup Sticks... that would be awesome drum sticks with her art featured on them. With luck, she will still be there to sign them for you!

Booth #5023 - The Pinup World Art booth, featuring Mark Wasyl and HIS signature Pinup Sticks. Sadly, Mark was only signing on Friday and Saturday, but his sticks are worth it wtihout the signature!

Not at the Con? Already left WITHOUT getting your Pin-Up Sticks? Head over to www.pinupsticks.com to get sticks featuring the pin-up art of:

Pinup Sticks can also make custom sticks with your artwork or band logo. Their only criteria is, in keeping with their chosen mission, the artwork needs to incorporate a pin-up girl! We certainly admire a company that stands by their principles!

NOTE: A twitter reports that the sticks are sold out at the Con.