Bettie Page - Tied Up in South Dakota

Scott Ehrisman is a painter, political cartoonist, Bettie Page and Tom Waits enthusiast and "one of the most high- profile artists currently working in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area" according to a bio on the National Coalition Against Censorship page. He is an avid political, cultural and media blogger. His art and commentary can be found at South DaCola.

When asked about the inspiration for his Bettie Page paintings, he replied, "I guess I have been a fan of Bettie for a long time and just recently decided to do some paintings of her. I have always felt that she was too beautiful and innocent for bondage, but hey, maybe that is the appeal. I also love her black hair, never been a big Marilyn Monroe fan."

(painting with canvas shoes) ''''''''''''''''CHUCK AND BETTIE; UNLIKELY PUNK ICONS'''''''''''''''' (Aprox: 2 x 4 foot – Mixed Media on wood - custom frame)

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(painting with angel wings) ''''''''''''''''Bettie in a Bind'''''''''''''''' APROX – 22″ X 36″ – Mixed media, collage, paint and found flower on canvas (UNFRAMED)

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