SDCC: Robert Ullman's Sketchy Bettie

Virginia-based illustrator Robert Ullman has a tasteful style and great control of his linework, creating the slightly flattened, but still evocative, uncluttered retro pin-up girls that really convey personality and spark. It''s deceptively hard to do... proven best by the many who try and fail to generate characters with real appeal, using this style.

The above sketch was done at a Richmond, VA incarnation of "Dr. Sketchy"... the life drawing sessions that bring out the best in visual artists and burlesque artists, alike. This event featured burlesque models paying tribute to Bettie Page.

HERE for more of his sketches from that event.

He''s currently displaying at the San Diego Comic Con - P-10 in the Small Press Area, exhibiting as "Wide Awake Press", selling his new collection:

And don''t forget to say "Hi" to Olivia in both #5358 if you are at the Con!